Simple poem

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Poetry

Local poet David Horner came to our writers group on Thursday.

He gave us a challenge to write anything in 10-15 minutes or so, but it had to have an air of the impossible about it.

I chose a poem with simple rhyming couplets.

Title – ‘You What?’

At the dining table one day,

A family full of laughter and full of play.

They didn’t notice some crazy things, 

like in the garden, there were forty kings.

The family were laughing and didn’t see,

Their Chicken Kievs dancing with glee.

A creeping willow herb playing the sax,

and the garden gnome riding their pet dog, Max.

A pig flying high with glasses like Biggles,

and a blade of grass in a fit full of giggles.

The cup and the saucer fighting the spoon,

and the knife and the fork humming a tune.

The fish in the tank smoking a cigar,

and the three piece suite climbing in Dad’s car.

The cushions on the sofa eating some grapes,

And the clock and the toaster acting like apes.

The phone and the TV playing some chess,

and the curtains eating biscuits and leaving a mess.

The light switch in the corner having a sneeze,

and the big fridge freezer washing its knees.

It’s good for families to have a good laugh,

It makes everything else in the world act daft.


  1. kathleen smith says:

    Absolutely love this, edging on genius

  2. wendykarasin says:

    You…can write! Where do you live? (as I’m wondering if I can join your writing group!)

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