Love – A big question mark ???

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Poetry


Such a peculiar yet such a powerful thing

How does it happen? Is it a purely chemical reaction that takes place?

I really don’t understand

Why one person and not another?

It blows your socks off… Its hits you hard…

Is love blind? Or is it just genius?

A four letter word. But so is hate?

Hate comes and goes but love sticks like glue.

It bonds… It grabs… It burrows… It’s fantastic!!


It’s unrequited.

Then… It infests… It hurts… It drives you insane… It makes you do silly things… It blows!!

Love. The big question mark???

Why do people want to hide their love? Why can’t we just be honest?

Why do people ridicule love? Is there a time limit?

I mean, can you fall in love in a day?

Can you fall out of love after 30 years with the same person?

Can you love more than one person at a time?

Why do fools fall in love? Are you a fool for falling in love? I don’t think I am. But maybe…..

Love. The big question mark???

Being told you are loved by someone is never tiresome.

To have your heart broken is…


I LOVE YOU – 3 words. Easy for some, hard for others… Say it or don’t… But no regrets.


Stephen Cresswell


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