Short story – ‘Gone’ (part 1…)

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Short story - 'GONE'

‘GONE’ (Part 1…)
The noise was infesting his dream.
It was so out of place here though.
No, wait! It wasn’t in his dream. It was stirring him from his slumber. He was in limbo – half way between dream and reality. A tad closer to reality though, unfortunately.
The noise persisted.
Now, Bradley Mutch was virtually awake, yet his eyes remained closed, and the noise wasn’t relenting.
An unfamiliar trill.
After a moment’s thought, he presumed it was his wife’s mobile ringing on the bedside table on her side of the bed. This wasn’t a ring tone set up on his own phone.
He moved his left arm over to nudge his wife, but all he felt was the cold void and a misaligned pillow. He moved his arm around aimlessly for a feel of her.
The warble continued.
“Honey?” a croaky voice attempted to holler out.
No reply came. The irritating noise was unrelenting.
Bradley opened one eye. It was dark. He glanced right to where the digital clock boasted the time in large, red digits. 4.39 a.m.
He opened both eyes and double checked the display. Yes, what he had read first time was indeed fact.
He looked to his left at where his wife ought to have been at this time of day. The covers were pulled back, and one of her two pillows was indeed strewn on the bed where her slumbering torso should have been.
“Honey?” a slight pause. “Kate?” another pause. “Where are you?” his voice had grown in those three short sentences, so he was now louder than the incessant ringing of the mobile phone. He could see the display flashing brightly in the dark familiarity of his bedroom.
He reached over and eyed the display. ‘Unknown’ was displayed on the screen in front of him.
This was his wife’s phone. It was ringing and had been for the past minute or so. An unknown caller was not giving up on their call being answered.
One final attempt. He knelt on the bed on Kate’s side and yelled, “Kate!” he moved off the bed and walked to the open bedroom door. The house was still.
He took the three steps necessary to move back towards the bedside table. Bradley picked up the phone in his right hand and once gazed at the display. He swiped the directive to answer the call. He put the phone to his ear.
“Hello.” Bradley said weakly into the receiver…


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