Short story – ‘Gone’ (3rd and final part)

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Short story - 'GONE'

‘GONE’ (Part 3…)

Bradley began throwing himself at the wall in the kitchen. The phone he had held snuggly to his ear, for the duration so far, was tossed to the ground.

Laughter reverberated through earpiece.

His hands were now useless. He had no control of them. They were literally strapped behind his back. He continued to throw himself against the wall.

Shoulder first.

Head first.

The kitchen and the house disappeared entirely.

The disposed phone had ‘GONE’ from the floor.

A door opened, and three burly porters grabbed his straitjacket whilst a fourth injected him with a sedative. Before long, Bradley was flat out on his mattress. Completely calmed and free – temporarily – from his recurring nightmare.

Two of the porters left the room.

They were replaced by Doctor Sheldon and a student psychiatrist.

“Ah, Bradley Stewell.” he looked at his student. “This man is one of the most severe cases here. He was sent here three and a half years ago. He murdered his wife after he discovered she was having an affair.”

“What happened?” the eager student asked.

“Apparently, her phone rang one morning when she was in the shower and a man on the other end spilled the beans about the affair. When she got out of the shower, Bradley strangled her. He kept her body on the bed for four days. After four days, he text the mystery man and invited him round in the pretence that he was his wife – Kate, I believe. When he came round, he bludgeoned him to death. Bradley has admitted to all of this.”

“So why is he in a psychiatric hospital and not in prison?” a legitimate question from the Doctor’s student.

“I’m glad you asked because this is where it gets interesting.” Doctor Sheldon nodded at one of the porters, and he turned to leave the room. His student turned on his heels and followed him out of the door. The pair began walking down the corridor in the direction they had originally come from. The porters also left the room and locked the door. “Bradley is in no fit state to be put in prison. He is a huge risk to himself because when he is asleep he suffers from somnambulism.” The doctor stopped and looked at his student. “Please explain what you know about the condition.”

His student looked up to recall the facts of the condition. “Though popularly believed as sleep walking, it is not sleep walking in fact.” he began spewing out the facts from a text book. “Rather it is a sleep like state during which the individual may experience a stressful event. It takes place at a particular time during the night either in the waking state or in the sleep state. The same route is followed and the same kind of behaviour is shown every time.”

“Good, so you know what the books say. Let me give you a little more information. At night he has to wear a straitjacket. He is in a padded room because of the injuries he will sustain otherwise. His experience always happens at exactly 4.39 a.m. – the time of the phone call which wrecked his life. We’re always ready to sedate him, but we don’t want to restrict this process. It is important for his recovery that he battles this, and therefore, we allow it to manifest itself. He wakes up after sedation and doesn’t remember physically throwing himself against the wall. In his conscious state he is a lovely man and full of remorse for what he did to his wife and her lover. He always describes his dream…his nightmare. It’s always the same. He has had a history of Hysterical Neurosis Associative Type Multiple Personality, which was self-medicated since he was twelve. However, the news of his wife’s affair made him flip. Very typical in the Jekyll and Hyde disorder. During sedation now, he will repeat the word ‘gone’ over and over. It’s by far the most severe case of this type I have seen.

Bradley Stewell opened his eyes. He began his mantra. “Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone…” he suddenly stopped and smirked with sinister intent. “…gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.”



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