Posted: June 6, 2014 in Poetry, Writing 101

My losses

Day four’s writing challenge on blog ‘writing 101’,

We have to write about a loss – something which has gone.

A very tricky task, I didn’t know where to begin,

I’ve lost plenty in the past, thrown stuff I shouldn’t have in the bloomin’ bin!

Or do they want something that goes real deep?

Like something that’s made me yell or made me weep.

Hmmmmmmm, I lost my wife’s car key once down the drain,

I’ve also lost a ticket for a train.

That made me cross because I had to pay…..again!

What else have I lost in my life?

Years ago I lost the first girl I thought could be my wife.

I’ve lost three grandparents, and of course that is sad,

I’ve lost my marbles once or twice and that drove me mad.


When I’ve been wound up, I’ve lost my sense of humour,

And I’ve lost my cool when people have spread a rumour.

Back to material things… well, keys have vanished into fresh air,

I have a place for keys in the house, but the wife doesn’t care.

Her keys like to play hide and go seek,

No kiddin’, we play at least 6 times a week!


There are things that if I lost them would make me moan,

One of them would be my mobile phone.

It would send me immediately into a big panic,

I’d run around like a headless chicken fretting, and I’d be manic.

Funny, but my friend Vicky – this morning – lost her phone behind the radiator,

But I’m sure hubby Brian will recover it later.

LOL (sorry Vic ;-))

If I lost my family and my friends,

That would be where the world would end.

I’d be gutted if I lost my pretty good health,

That’s more important to me than vast wealth.


I recently lost my job because I quit,

And I guess I regret that a little bit.

I’ll miss the kids I worked with; that is legit!


So, this is my poem about my losses, future, present and past,

Loss is part of life. Some are small, some are vast.







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