I am the….

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Poetry

I am the…

I am the sunshine in the rain,

Drying you time and time again.

I am the glue for when you are broke,

Fixing you up with a hug and a joke.

I am the plaster when you are bleeding,

Healing you regardless and never conceding.

I am the smile for when you frown,

Acting the fool and being your clown.

I am the one you can get mad at when you’ve had a bad day,

Take your anger out on me, to make it go away.

I am the candle in the gloom,

Making you fearless in a darkened room.

I am the cover when it is cold,

Warming you now until we are old.

I am the cushion on your chair,

Bringing you comfort anytime, anywhere.

I am the money in your purse,

Finding me makes you better, never worse.

I am the lyrics to your favourite song,

Inspiring you and keeping you strong

I am the house keeping you dry,

Protecting you till the day I die.

I am the one who is crazy about you,

Proud of everything that you say and do.

I am the food, you are the drink,

You are the well, and I am the ink.

I am your dream which has now come true,

Adoring the one and only you.

You and I belong together,

Two separates as one, today and forever.

By Stephen Cresswell


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