Broccoli – My first reader challenge.

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Poetry

My poem for Matthew H – Broccoli…!!!!



The son of a friend of mine set me a challenge to write,

A poem about broccoli, so I thought about it last night.

He wanted me to attack the stuff and about the yukky taste,

But I don’t mind broccoli. It’s good for an expanding waist.

Alright though, as a tasty snack, it wouldn’t rank in first place.

But it doesn’t taste like much. It isn’t…well…bleugh,

It’s just not fashionable, that I do concur.

Ok, granted, it looks like a tiny tree,

And being green, it looks like it’s been hit by radioactivity.

Gotta be cooked right, not too mushy or hard,

Tasty on a barbeque, eat just as it gets charred.

High in carbs, high in protein, very low in fat,

I had to google that bit. I’m not the guru on broccoli facts.

High in iron, calcium and vitamins K, E, C and A,

And don’t forget young Matthew, it’s one of your 5-a-day.

So cherish the mighty broccoli, embrace it in your diet,

I know you love broccoli really Matt, but I’ll keep your secret quiet.


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