Writing 101 – Day seven – Give and take.

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Writing 101

ImageA foreword before you read this blog entry – A really bizarre request from ‘writing 101’ today. We were asked to contrast two ‘things.’ I chose Questions and Answers… (Don’t ask me why). There was a twist. To write the post in the form of dialogue. So… Here it goes. Tonight we have a big dispute on our hands, ladies and gentlemen. You join us here on the blog of Stephen Cresswell, where Question will take on Answer in a battle of wits and power. Two contrasting foes. Who will win? Seconds out – Fight. “I’m a question, and I have a fantastic punctuation mark after me.” “Well, whoopee for you. I’m an answer, and I’m not limited to one!” Both competitors with an excellent opening argument there. “Everyone can ask a question. Not everyone can give an answer.” Question circled his rival with an evil look in his eye. This fight was well and truly on! “Sometimes, my esteemed competitor, there can be more than one of me for one of you. There’s no chance you can win.” Question was sent reeling to the ropes with this deft one two from a fired up answer. “Whether I’m right or wrong, people appreciate my efforts.” Answer sent his opponent reeling with a left uppercut. Question was down and in trouble. 1…2…3…4…5…6… Question has got up. Unbelievable. “I can be open or closed. Each one having its merits. Come on, Answer. Put ‘em up.” Question composed himself. He started coming forward again. “I can be rhetorical too. Sometimes I don’t need a physical one of you!” A punch to the gut of Answer, and he was left fighting for breath. A mandatory standing count was issued by the referee. “Sometimes people ask stupid ones of you.” “Sometimes people can give a thoughtless one of you.” Both contenders giving a good account of themselves. Dealing some mighty blows and putting up good defences. This is going to be a close run thing. “I can be extremely easy or the most complex problem in the world.” “I can be a one word, a myriad of words or just a gesture.” Question and answer, bloodied and bruised are toe to toe in the centre of the ring. The ref needs to stop this before someone gets hurt. Suddenly, the feuding ended. Answer dropped his guard. “Look, Question, why are we doing this? Aren’t we both as valuable as each other? In a moment of utter controversy, Answer ASKS Question a question. Question lowered his guard. Looked questioningly at his long-time adversary and ANSWERS Answer with an answer. “Yes.” The end of the fight. The end of the controversy. These duelling contrasts have reached an amiable conclusion. One can’t survive without the other.  

  1. wendykarasin says:

    I love this! You have taken a concept from nothing to extraordinarily interesting. It is writing at its optimum! I applaud your skill. Bravo! (Love the overall message of how one can’t survive without the other too!)

    • Wow… Thank you for taking the time to write such nice things about my work… Got a big head now!! 😃
      Hope I enjoy some of the other work on my blog.. There’s a mish mash of things on there…
      I’ll check more of your work out when I’m on my PC… On iPhone at the mo and I don’t like the navigation..

  2. I really enjoyed your take on this challenge – so clever! And I am still stumped! I am discovering imagination is not a strong point of mine so this challenge is a challenge! Memoir seems to be my “thing”!

    • Thanks so much.. I had a jolly good think about contrasting words.. And it just hit me..!! The thing is I’m not particularly a boxing fan. I just thought battle and it came to mind.. Hehe. It was tough but I enjoyed this..
      Thanks again for taking time to comment 😊

  3. cocoblaq says:

    Initially I was prepared to be disappointed. I’m glad I wasn’t. That was genius.

  4. Sandra says:

    Ditto to all the above. Very clever, innovative. Gives me more to think about, haven’t written mine yet!

  5. Reblogged this on stephencresswell77 and commented:

    I’ve reblogged this from June because I like it 🙂

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