The World Cup

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Poetry



The World Cup

Tonight is the night. It’s the start of it all.

‘Twenty two grown men chasing a ball.’

That’s a quote once used by a friend of mine,

But it’s more than that when they cross that line.

The beautiful game played for a trophy of gold,

I preferred the Jules Rimet if truth be told.

Coz England won it in sixty-six,

Helped by Hurt’s left foot and Styles’ tricks.

That was such a long time ago,

We hope to win again, but I don’t think so.

Tonight it’s Croatia and hosts Brazil,

Christ the Redeemer watching from on top of his hill.

A month to decide the world’s greatest team,

Can England do it? Dare we dream?

The world’s greatest players showing their class,

Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi, all gracing the grass.

Who will win the golden boot?

Lots of top strikers ready to shoot.

The big hope for us all is to get out of our group,

But will that really make us cock-a-hoop?

I don’t know, I think we need more,

We have a squad to score goals galore.

It’s keeping goals out, that’s what worries me most,

We haven’t got a defence on which we can boast.

Let’s play the youngsters. Let them create fear,

Sterling, Barkley and Oxlade-Chamberlain will surely make us cheer.

They could relieve the ‘watching England’ stress,

They could be our recipe for success.

Come on England, make us all proud,

Whatever happens, we’ll be cheering you loud.




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