Fathers Day

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Poetry


Happy Father’s day.


To all the proud Dads out there,

Putting up with the huffs, the grumbles and the ‘I don’t cares.’

Well, that’s the case with my twelve year old,

Who, of course, knows best and won’t be told.

Our children set us challenges galore,

But despite everything they’re the ones we adore.

From when they’re born and they cry and cry,

They become the apples of our eye.

Whether you have sons or daughters or even both,

Our love for them becomes our unwritten oath.

We don’t need a written pledge to love them forever,

But their happiness becomes our life long endeavour.

They do things wrong and they have to be told,

And being harsh is hard to uphold.

Because they look at us with eyes so cross or sad,

But we are their moralistic launch pad.

We have to show them right from wrong,

Our responsibility to them is lifelong.

But the rough times are outweighed by the smooth and the fun,

For my lad just being there and being my son

Is the greatest gift I have ever had,

It is so wonderful being his Dad.

He listens to my pearls of wisdom and how to be sarcastic,

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s fantastic.

Our kids will pick up our personality traits,

Sorry, my son, I know I’ve made mistakes.

But I hope you’ve picked up some good things too,

There’s no one I love more than you.


For my son, Benjamin. xx


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