Seven Deadly Sins

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Poetry

The seven deadly sins

When we talk about them, what do they bring to mind?

Dark deeds? Dark characters? Yes. – Sinister motives.

They lead us on a merry (or not so merry – totally wrong word)

Dance… a trot… a walk… a sinister walk to crazy town.

They do drive us crazy and there is no return.








Ask yourself, which of these have been felt by you?

If I’m honest, five, which leaves me two…

Two… Only two… Does that make me bad?

Or looking again it might be one…. One deadly sin I’ve never had.

Or does that make me human, full of emotion and feelings, cravings and urges,

Those unbelievable notions and sudden surges.

That put these capital vices in our heads,

And make us toss and turn at night in our beds.

Wrath, yeah, I’ve been angry and out of control,

But I’ve brought myself back and been able to console

Myself and others who my anger’s affected,

And all’s been good just as expected.

The majority of us are surely like that,

Getting angry about this and mad about that.

But going no further than a scream and a shout,

Then seeing sense and turning about!

It’s not too bad to have the occasional blow out,

Clear the cobwebs and then bow out.

Avarice, I’ve done that, I’ve been right there,

The yearning for financial gain – come on, be fair.

Haven’t we all had the desire for material wealth or gain?

Money is inherently evil, it affects our brain.

And our thinking becomes dulled, and we do silly things,

Coz we want the finer things in life and yearn to live like kings.

Pride is up next and I’m guilty again,

I do confess to being a bit vain.

Pride is the original deadly sin,

The cause of the rest, it pulls them in.

It doesn’t see so bad to me,

To have a bit of vanity.

But it’s the sin of believing you’re the best of the best,

But I know I’m not, so it’s a sin I’ve supressed.

Sloth is failing to do what you should do,

Physical laziness to me and to you.

Evil exists when men fail to act,

I’m not so sure about that biblical fact.

So I’ve got to say yes, I’ve been guilty of sloth, so what?

I won’t lose any sleep over that, I don’t care a jot.

Lust – Hmmmm, I can’t and don’t want to say too much here,

But every one of you has been controlled by the lust driven puppeteer.

You all know exactly and precisely what I mean,

Wipe that thought from your mind and keep your thoughts clean.

Envy – This for me is the worst one that drives me down Crazy Street,

Similar to being jealous of people that you meet.

You wanting their possessions, their looks or their traits,

To name but a few and of course can drive someone to hate.

Yes, for me it’s an ugly thing, but often I can’t help it,

But just like wrath you deal with it before doing something unfit.

The final sin on my list, is that to be a glutton,

I think I’m free of guilt here, it’s never pushed my button.

The desire to consume more than that which one requires,

I can physically only eat so much before my gut retires.

But research into the sin, suggests I might be guilty after all,

It’s not just eating too much, it’s thrown me a curve ball.

Another way to commit this sin is to eat expensive food,

So yeah, I’ve broke all the sins… Quite honestly I’m screwed!

So really, and this may surprise you all, I’m not whiter than white.

But really… Seven deadly sins… I couldn’t give a shite.


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