Writing 101 – Day 10 – Favourite childood meal

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Writing 101

My favourite meal as a child…

Hmmm, that is a tough one.

Dad and Mum always cooked and cooked well. I have no complaints about the food we were given although Dad had pretty shabby taste buds, and still has to this day. I don’t think I was introduced to herbs and spices till I was old enough to learn to cook myself.

There are two food items that stand out, and sorry Ma and Pa, but neither were created by you guys (Cue my mum disowning me now).

My first ‘happy’ food was actually something as simple as the local chippy. My dad and I used to walk/run there of an evening once a week. It was a mile away maybe. It was good fun getting there and back. Just me and Dad. I was a big fan of their curry sauce. It was radioactive – I have no doubt about that – since it was the craziest colour!! Don’t get me wrong or anything, it wasn’t bright blue or yellow. It was curry coloured… ish, but just bright. Anyway, it wasn’t firey, but it did have some spice. The spice made it quite sweet. Any because, like I said earlier, spices didn’t exist much at home, it woke my taste buds up! So, a simple chip shop tea may not rank high with other people’s idea of a great childhood meal memory, but it was something to look forward to each week, and the journey there and back was just as special.

I don’t think Dad appreciates that I enjoyed running to the shop with him. It was good pops.

That was childhood food number one.

Here’s the second.

My auntie Helen used to make me an apple pie periodically. Absolutely delish!!!

It got to a point where it became a birthday treat. I hated sharing this, and my final few pies received from her were scoffed down greedily ,so I didn’t have to.  How shameful.

Auntie Helen… Now, if you read this blog post, and I don’t think you will because I haven’t spoken to you in such a long time, think on. One is never too old for apple pie! (subtle hint)

I think it’s up to my mum to show this to her. I’ll sit here and wait…!





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