Just a thought for the day

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Thought of the day...

A day can be a rollercoaster ride of emotion…

Something happens which makes you ashamed/embarrassed/leaves you feeling rotten and blue.

This event can also have a deep impact on someone else.

Then, something else can happen which makes that first event seem less shameful/embarrassing and makes the blueness of the day seem less so.

All because of something out of your control.

I’m thankful of someone pointing me in the right direction today and making me realise that something I thought I did wrong wasn’t so much of a problem because it was influenced by something I couldn’t control.

I’m also thankful that the ‘someone else’ was very understanding although a little vexed (understandably so) to start with.

I’m feeling much relief that my rollercoaster ride of emotion has played out in a way that eases my stress and angst.

For those who played a part in my life today, thank you so much.


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