Writng 101 – Day twelve

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Writing 101


Dark clouds on the horizon

Even through the fierce wind rampaging through the trees, Adam and Karl could hear the sound of howling wolves in the distance.

“We can’t be out here much longer, Karl.” Adam was pushing on whilst clumsily pointing his rifle right-handed down the trail. His left hand was fixed around his lapels, continually pulling them close to his neck.

“It’s freezing.” Karl was using both hands to rub his arms and shoulders. He was wearing two full layers less than his buddy, including the lack of a coat – with lapels. His rifle was resting on his left shoulder via the strap. He was cold and terrified of the wolves’ howling, which were getting closer as the minutes past.

It was nearly nightfall, and the pair knew they were in trouble. They had gotten lost from their tour guide three and a half hours earlier.

Karl had teased his friend upon setting off on their mini trek for wearing so many layers in the morning heat, yet now, the laughter was non-existent, and Adam felt a little smug despite the fear at his friends discomfort.

“Karl, where are we?” Adam asked for the umpteenth time in the last twenty minutes.

With chattering teeth, Karl responded with the multi repetitive, “I don’t know!” he was getting a little irate at his friend’s cumbersome question.   

After another forty minutes on the trail, the dark had really closed in and was enveloping them. The wind persisted, and the howling was at its loudest.

Adam lifted his head to glance the trail ahead of him. He suddenly stopped, and Karl almost walked into his heels. Adam slowly looked to his right, and his eyes widened as he primarily saw, and then heard, a snarling, black wolf. Adam used his left hand to steady the rifle, and he twisted on the heels of his feet until he was facing the beast.

Karl’s eyes followed Adam’s stance and to where he was directing his vision. Karl fumbled for his rifle, making a din in the process.

Adam, barely blinking or removing his stare from the direction of the wolf, took aim. He was shaking like the proverbial. He had only fired a rifle this morning on plywood cut-outs. He took steady aim and fired one shot. The shot rung like the bell of a clock tower and hit the wolf. The wolf let out a yelp, and it sent him on his way, rapidly, back up his own trail.

Adam knew it would only scare a pack of wolves briefly. They’d be back, so he knew they had to get out of this wooden maze.

They pushed on; the howling grew louder still, and they could now hear the definite snarling of them too. The pair were frantic.

They began to run again…

“Hold it! What’s that, Adam?” Karl had spotted something in the distance.

“Could it be?”

“No, it couldn’t… could it?……..”



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