Writing 101 – day thirteen – Things I have found

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Poetry, Writing 101

This blog challenge is in response to Day four’s challenge – Things we have lost.

I wrote a poem for that, so I will continue with the rhyming couplet theme.

What have I found?

Day four’s writing challenge was to write about losses in my life,

Today – day thirteen – it’s what we’ve found, and it’s causing me some strife.

See, I’m a glass half empty guy at times, and I focus on the lows,

But things I find should be good I guess, so I’ll look at all the pros.

Things I’ve found. Hmmmmm, let me see, well, some ten and twenty pound notes,

On the floor whilst walking the dog, not rifling through people’s coats!

I found a purse in a shopping trolley, so I gave it to the cops,

I found a ring in a changing room in one of those big department shops.

So I kept the money, gave in the purse and gave the ring in too,

But I think it’s the mental and emotional ‘finds’ that are going to entertain you!

On my 37 years on this earth, I’ve found out things about myself,

One, that I am vulnerable and have struggled with my mental health.

I found myself in trouble once or twice or more,

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you get up off the floor.

You pull yourself together and make yourself pull through,

And you find a decent way of life and a more positive view.

Some things I’ve found out about myself aren’t very nice,

I struggle to ask for help or seek out good advice.

I’ve found out I am too proud to admit when I am wrong,

And I don’t throw myself at life, I simply tag along.

I’ve found some cracking friends on my journey through the years,

Those who invite you in to their lives and take you out for a few beers.

I’ve found that my parents, my sister and my family are there no matter what,

Mistakes you make, achievements you earn, they accept the lot.

I’ve found out that I love to teach, although my paperwork is crap,

I’ve found that my wrath can get out of control and regretfully I snap!

I’ve found a love for writing, I’ve really found by niche,

I’ve got my blog, I’ve written my novel; I hope it makes me rich.

I’ve found that I can love and be loved and also that love is hard,

And that, at times, to protect myself, I should really raise my guard.

I’ve found out the heart is such a susceptible thing,

And whoever holds it in their palm can make you laugh, cry and sing.

Frustratingly, I’ve not found what to do with my remaining years,

What job will make me happy? Someone, please, speak up. Give me some ideas.

I’d love to write for a living, but I’ve got to be realistic,

I’ve found that life is hard. Why can’t it be simplistic?

So, there’s an idea about what I’ve found, some simple and some quite deep,

I’ll probably think of more later on. They’ll probably wake me from my sleep.


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