Writing 101 – Day 15

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Writing 101

Reader… I think officially I have lost the plot with this post.

Here is the stimulus (paraphrased) from writing 101 – day 15:

imagine an annual event you love so dearly is ceasing to exist. Write about how you’d feel.

Ok, straight forward, but I decided to turn myself into a bee, looking for a particular pollen producing plant. I need my head testing I think!!

Anyway.. It was a bit of fun…


Woah woah woah, what the chuffin’ ‘ell is going on here?

Where the soddin’ ‘eck is it?

I’ve made a special trip for this, and it’s not here!

I’ve fetched my black and yellow ass from the other side of the county and it’s gone!

I’ve buzzed around all morning in hope… no, not in hope, in desperation for that bloody nectar and its gone!

Why does the world hate me?

Once a year… That’s all I want. Just once a year. My father, and my father’s father, and his father’s father before him have all made a bee line for the same bloody perovskia plant. And it’s not here!

I’m gonna start stinging someone in a minute. Where is it?

Wait. Am I in the right place? Yeah, of course I am. It was here last year. I came with Dad, and he showed me.

In fact, I’m in the right place for sure, but the whole garden looks different.

Mmmmm, that purple flower… I’ve gotta stop myself drooling here. I’m an embarrassment to myself. There are butterflies watching.

OK, so I’m not getting the nectar, but that’s ok. There’s plenty more in other flowers.

Oh. That man over there. He’s different. I wonder if the other people moved out and took the plant with them.

Yeah, that’ll be it. Maybe, just maybe, I can find it.

I’m a little tired from my flight over here, but if my wings are willing, then I’m ready.

Time to buzz off I guess. Hehehehe. Oh, great, no one around to hear my wit.

Right, perovskia… I’m coming to get ya!




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