Two parts of the same……

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Two worlds collide

I conjure up sinister thoughts. A true dark side. Daily, I have to be quelled. Quietened. I have to be switched off to disguise myself from the outside world, in order for my host to speak civilly to people, to engage in conversation with family, friends, colleagues and Joe public, in order to get through a typical day without me showing up and displaying his true colours. I live in a world where bad things happen, where it’s grey and dire, where it’s always dark, where there’s always a menacing smirk across my face as I think up my next devious thought.

Fortunately, I have a dependable, although rather meek and timid alter ego. He’s my host. His name is Stephen Cresswell. I’ve never met him face to face. I don’t really want to because he makes me puke. His ‘nicely nicely’ approach to life warrants a slap. I’d do it if I could, yet I’m just his subconscious. No, not his subconscious. I’m his gut. I’m his inner being. I’m his inner devil. He’ll never show me to the outside world. He’ll never tell you anything about me. Oh, wait a minute…Yes he has. I’m his Jason Taylor. I’m his creation in word form. What I think deep in his DNA has finally been expressed in his debut novel ‘Checkmate’. I finally have made my views known. Christ, it only took 37 years.


What else can I do???  


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