My Bucket List

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Bucket list

 Most people have a hypothetical bucket list – those ‘Things you must do before you die.’

I’m going write mine down for the first time ever… And I’m going to share it.

I’ve done some pretty rad things. I’ve parachute jumped, I’ve wing walked and I’ve raced a motorbike around a track… All exhilarating in their own right.

 I’m not assigning a hierarchy to them either…


  • Hold a scorpion. They are freaky creatures and one of the very few things smaller than me that I am afraid of. What was the creator of the world ‘on’ when he/she designed a scorpion? The same freaky loony juice as the creator of the hammerhead shark and the naked mole rat… seriously weird!
  • Ride a wave. I’m talking surfing here people. I’ve never been much of a water baby, but I think I’d love to really be at one with the ocean. Surfing a wave would, I reckon, be a thrill. Gnarly dude!!
  • Ride the rapids. Wow, another water one. I’d love to hit some serious white water in a kayak. Water terrifies me a bit, so this would be pretty epic.
  • Learn to pilot a helicopter. This one will need me to earn some serious coin first. I’d love to fly a chopper.
  • Run a marathon. This one shouldn’t really be an issue for me as I’ve done half marathons before. It’s just actually being bothered to train for it fully. And actually I’m currently running 10 miles on my training regime, so I should be doing this one with ease.
  • Bungee off the AJ Hackett Macau Tower. I’ve always wanted to bungee, but I’ve never got round to doing it. It’s only 233 metres high. Piece of cake!
  • Hit a hole in one. Ok, hitting a hole in one on a golf course has a big piece of luck attached to it (and a bit of talent), but it’s got to be on my list for sure. I’ll keep trying!
  • Learn to play the piano. I tried to learn once, but quit. This one should be achievable. I wonder if I know anyone who could teach me. Hmmmmmm. Anyone?
  • Attend the Isle of Man TT. For any motorcycle enthusiast, this is the ultimate spectator race. And, as it’s not too far away, I should get there one day. Wouldn’t like to ride the course though as I know I’d do something stupid and hurt myself. I’ll leave it to the pro’s.
  • Be in a musical. Apart from the fact that I can’t sing, can’t act and have no charisma whatsoever, I’d be great in a musical! I’d love to be Amos in Chicago – I’d give Mr Cellophane a pretty good go! Or for a bigger part, I’d play Marius in Les Mis… He belts out some cracking tunes.

    I’ve kept it down to 10, but there are more – some of which aren’t sharable, for various reasons!!



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