Thought of the day – Manipulation

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Thought of the day...

My thought of the day – Manipulation


It’s a good word – a certain WOW word if I discovered it in school with children.

A long word – 12 letters.

Multi-syllabic word – 5 syllables.

What comes to your mind when you hear it? – Underhand tactics? Deception? Exploitation? – It certainly isn’t a good word is it? It definitely has an ugly connotation to it.


Unless, you are the manipulator!

I’ve just published a book, which features a main character who thrives off manipulation – I mean dishing it out, not receiving it. And, it was bloody good to write about such a character.

Am I a closet manipulator myself? I bet some people may respond with the affirmative there.

Am I one who has been victim of manipulation?

Are receivers of manipulation victims? Is that the right word?

Definitely a question for psychology.

Does manipulation help when it’s against someone you know or against a stranger? I’d have thought the former because you need to know their vulnerabilities.

As I write this, I am considering my manipulative acts… Hmmmmm… You have to have a certain amount of ruthlessness about you to be manipulative.

The word came up today in a non-threatening situation. In fact, in a very pleasant situation. And when it was brought up, I immediately understood that I was the victim… But, I wasn’t cross, or angry, or surprised by it because I kind of knew I was being manipulated all along… But, I was also happy to have been the victim of a manipulator.

Is that perverse in some way?

Maybe… But I also know that the person manipulating me, has also been manipulated BY me at the same and different times.

So, is manipulation something we all do at times? Is it harmless if it doesn’t go too far? Positive reinforcement is manipulation, and I know I’m guilty of that.

It’s all about power and control and those of you in relationships out there, I’m sure, can identify with having a strong need (from time to time maybe) to attain feelings of power and superiority in your relationship.

That doesn’t make you or me BAD! Just… Human.

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