What others MAY think about me……

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was watching a programme called ‘Mr and Mrs’ a few days ago. If you’re not familiar with it, a couple try to come up with the same answers as each other to the same questions. The questions are devised to ascertain how well they know each other and what they think their partner will say about them.

It got me thinking about what people might think about me.

I’ve devised a list of what I think people I know, from various walks of life, might list about me.

  • Childish – I do act like a kid, sometimes. I’ve found that both a help and a hindrance as a teacher. The children and I get on famously, but at times, my childish state of mind has brought my professionalism into question. I guess I’m just a bit too informal for some people’s liking. I’m childish with my friends… Maybe more impish I suppose. A little immature, I just try to make others laugh.
  • A push over – I can be too eager to please others. I have never really thought of this as a fault, until recently when it was pointed out to me. I was told I need to ‘man up’ and take charge of my own destiny. Harsh – maybe, but true. Yet the person who said this to me is ‘Top of the Pops’ in my view. They know what they are talking about, and I really value their opinion because they are special to me.
  • Mean – I do have a spine, contrary to the previous point. I can be mean spirited. I can purposely say things that I know are going to upset others. It’s not a trait that I like. I wrote a blog post on Wednesday about manipulation. I have that in my locker, I’m afraid.
  • Poorly organised – This really comes down again to certain parts of my life. If I consider something important, there is no one who is more organised than I am, but I do let the (self-labelled) unimportant things slip through the net
  • Sincere – If I tell you something, it is likely to be the truth. I call a spade a spade. You may not like what I say all the time, but you can be guaranteed that it is the truth, especially when it arises from the heart. Never doubt my words people, they’re what I’m good at. My actions aren’t always the brightest, but my words are my oath.
  • A little bit OCD – My OCD relates to my need to be in control of many things. The biggest element of this is my obsession with being early for absolutely everything. Tardiness is not a word in my personal dictionary, and I loathe it when others are late.
  • Sarcastic – YES I AM… And, I love it. My sarcasm is my natural defence mechanism. It’s very much ‘Marmite’. I love it, the children I have taught enjoy it, but there are others in my life who cannot stand it! My son, the poor mite, has developed my skill of delivering sarcasm… Oh dear!!!!
  • A closed book / stubborn – Unless I tell you something, I’m quite hard to read. I don’t open up to people easily and I certainly don’t ask for help. I see asking for help as weakness although I’ve been told countless times that it isn’t, but I just can’t seem to grasp that notion. 

I’ve stopped at 8… If you know me, feel free to offer up an addition to the list. Email me, FB me, text me or add it to the comments box that runs within this blog.


  1. jayne turnbull says:

    Ha ha x my comment on this post as follows….u inspired the kids u taught they loved ur relaxed creative style. Kids r smart they figure out the fakes and pretenders in teaching in the blink of an eye x they learnt wen u taught x ok u didnt tow the party line or complete the paperwork on time x so fecking wot x teachers r born not made x

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