From A to Z

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

From A to Z

This is a short story – 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

I decided to write a scene from my second book ‘Cat and Mouse’ using this A-Z format. Now, the interesting thing is, I haven’t even written this scene in my second book yet, so this is a sneak peek into my imagination.

Let’s see how it goes…


Against her will, Jane took a sip of the presented liquid. Battered and bruised, she couldn’t fight against her captor any longer. Choke marks were clearly evident on her throat from the game her captor, Sarah, had been playing for the past few hours. Digging the fingers into Jane’s scrawny neck time after time had caused immeasurable damage. Each swallow was more painful than the last.

Finally, Jane managed to drink the entire tumbler full, much to the amusement of her jailer. Grinning from ear to ear, Jane’s captor knew this was the beginning of the end now for the pathetic runt, the poison was coursing through her bloodstream. Hearing the pain Jane was going through due to her injuries pleased the inflictor tremendously.

Ice flowed through Sarah as she stood there, watching the demise of Jane.

“Ja…Jason, I need you. Where are you?” the plea for her man to rescue her came pathetically from Jane’s damaged throat.

“Killing you, Jane, has been my ambition for years now since you got between me and Jason.”

Looking up at her jailer, Jane knew exactly to what Sarah was referring to. Many moons ago, Jane had sabotaged Jason and Sarah’s relationship by revealing Jason’s affair with another woman.

Now, Jane was having her comeuppance – and then some! Only Jason could save her from this situation, although now she had drunk the liquid, she supposed it was too late for anyone to save her life.

Positioning herself carefully, Sarah began another attack on her defenceless prisoner. Quickly, she unsheathed her knife and slashed at the right cheek of Jane. Ruthlessly, she drew blood with five separate, slow slashes. Sarah stepped back to enjoy her creation – a letter ‘S’ stood proudly like a tattoo on Jane’s pretty face. Trickling down her cheeks and onto her bare shoulder, chest and thighs was yet more of Jane’s blood. Under the chair and the surrounding area were more patches of blood in various stages of drying from the prolonged attack on her body.

Vengeance – that had been Jason’s mantra from day one. Well, this was vengeance of the highest order, and in another circumstance, Sarah knew Jason would be proud of her handiwork, but not today, not when his precious Jane was the victim.

Xanthic acid, in a highly diluted form was well and truly now in Jane’s bloodstream, and Sarah, having done her homework on the substance, reckoned another half hour should do it. Yet more pain needed to be inflicted upon Jane, and time was running out.

Zealously, Sarah raised her knife once more and with eyes wide, stepped towards Jane to finish her masterpiece.


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