Love is hard…words speak louder than actions

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Poetry

I had fun with this love poem. Its cheesy and personifies the cringe factor.

My beautiful baby girl, my angel, my princess,
Its time I brought you in the loop, it’s time for me to confess.
You see, I adore you, it may be shocking to hear,
Despite the fact that of course you know that you’re my personal puppeteer.
I cannot get enough of you, I miss you when we’re apart,
The love I hold dear for you is overflowing in my heart.
I don’t think I can live happily without you in my life,
No, more than that my baby girl, I want you to be my wife.
To have and to hold each and every day,
Each night I go to bed and say goodnight and then I pray.
That you will see me as the man to take care of you for ever,
I worship the ground you walk on this very minute and indeed forever.
These feelings I have for you will never disappear,
I want to be driving home to you and to always have you near.
To share your bed and wake up with you would bring me such joy,
I am your Paris and you’re my Helen of Troy.
I’ve never been so sure about anything in all of my years,
I can offer you all of me, and allay all your fears.
Look, baby, this is lame and I know that I’m a geek,
Love is all around the world, but for me this is unique.
I can’t think of anything or anyone else day after day,
You’re on my mind continuously whether at work, at rest or at play.
I commit to you my mind, my body my complete love and my soul,
Being with you at the end of every day is my ultimate goal.
Just to hold your hand on the sofa whilst chilling watching the TV,
I want you my baby, please listen to my plea.
I will make you happy and vow to never let you down,
I will be your lover, your prince and also your clown.
These feelings I have are incredibly intense,
Although I see it differently… they’re incredibly immense,
And to me, us… together… makes complete and perfect sense.
Be mine my darling, live our lives as one and raise a family with me,
Because we are fantastic together my angel, and I know that you agree.


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