Thought of the day… When you’re really ‘ticked’ off

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Thought of the day...

Ticked off
And a few curse words too…
We’re all bothered by those little somethings.
We can even be ticked off for someone else’s predicament.
Because… We are the human race…the masters of out own destiny…the supreme beings??
And we are intolerant of others.
And we hate it when others don’t treat us fairly.
I like it when people stick up for me…
I’d like to think I’d stick up for my friends and loved ones if they were treated unfairly. If they were ticked off, would I listen and be objective? Yeah, I think so.
It’s another one of those emotions which is predominantly evil (I’m thinking the deadly sins).
I guess it falls under wrath… No, it IS wrath..
It then comes down to channeling it…
I get vexed by ridiculous things… Often very small things… And I let it show! And why not?
Do men get more ticked off than women or vice versa? Are those notorious
red heads more fiery than others? That’s what ‘they’ say isn’t it??
Who knows… What about those stroppy prepubescent boys… I’m looking at one right now.. I mean jeez, talk about a face like thunder!!
Well.. There we go… The thought of the day – being ticked off – have u encountered that emotion today?


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