An Entrepreneurial Brainwave

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had a good idea for a business once… But didn’t have the gumption, the money or the balls (pardon the pun… you’ll see why in a minute) to go through with it. So I’m officially blogging about it, and as a result, I’m officially marking it as my idea.

Now, it’s not a ground breaking unique idea, but it’s an idea that my simple brain had once upon a time. About 10-12 years ago in fact.

In Warrington, just near J8 of the M62, there used to be some huge aeroplane hangars.

Well, it was my notion to turn one of these hangars into a huge, indoor crazy golf course.

crazy golf

Now, crazy golf courses that I’m familiar with are poorly maintained and have not a lot of uniqueness about them.

So, I wanted to make four 18-hole courses around a theme, under one roof. The theme I came up with was ‘The four seasons’.

I had this vision of making a spring, a summer, an autumn (fall for my American followers) and a winter themed course.

72 holes in total of colour, challenge and beauty.

The location of this hangar was ideal – Just off the motorway and close to lots of large towns and cities.

The idea for this came when I watched a 1987 film called ‘Overboard’ with Goldie Hawn and Kirk Russell. In this film, where Kirk Russell played a carpenter, he and a friend designed and built a splendid looking crazy golf course based on the ‘Wonders of the World.’

I’ve always enjoyed crazy golf, and when I have found a great looking course, which has been well maintained, I have always valued it.

So… There’s my idea. If anyone reading this wants to go into business with me and get this idea off the ground, lets PUTT (OMG I’m going to hell for my rubbish humour) it into FULL SWING (Jeez, not even hell would have me!!).

It’ll be a fun venture.



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