Thought of the day (last couple of days really) – GUILT…

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Thought of the day...


I was going to tackle this post in a humorous fashion, and I wrote half a page before I realised that I may have been insulting some readers. So, I have toned it down big style and tackled it with the respect it deserves.


Guilt – Another of those ‘emotions’ which not one of you can deny feeling.

But what is it?

We get ourselves into a situation, we do something ‘wrong’, and we feel bad. Something we carry around and which weighs us down – metaphorically speaking.

Well, I’ve been thinking about this as over the past day or two, guilt has been peering its ugly head over the fence at me and challenging me.

I’ve been asked to admit my guilt over something, but unfortunately there were crossed wires at one point. The other person involved and I were thinking about different things. That was a perilous issue in itself. But, hopefully resolved.

Is it linked to remorse…?

Yeah, surely. Guilt = ‘I’m sorry’.

To the other person involved in this… If you read this post… I’m sorry. Sorry for the confusion and sorry for the situation we are in. Although, I’m not running away from it. We’ll get through it together. (Apologies for the cryptic feel to this paragraph for those outside the loop).

How does guilt go away? Is it after the admission of sorry?

No. What we do either isn’t that bad or time passes to allow the guilt to subside.

Guilt functions like social glue, encouraging you to repair your transgressions.

Where do all these feelings we have live? I don’t think I have room for any more emotion in me. My heart is full of what I feel is positive emotion, so where does all this negativity live?

It’s quite alarming to me how quickly guilt can formulate, over the smallest of things, let alone those huge, kick in the teeth scenarios…

Is there a healthy guilt?

I guess so… If I’m guilty of hurting someone because I’ve done or said something inappropriate, then if I’m realising that and trying to make amends, that’s healthy for the relationship. Right???

I do feel guilty over one or two things.

Things you feel guilt over are sometimes embarrassing.

Sometimes we don’t reveal our guilt and let it eat us up inside, or some people can just live through it and cast the demon away in the echelons of time. People handle guilt in different ways.

Before you leave this post, I want you to consider times when you’ve been guilty of something. How did you tackle it, or indeed, did you tackle it? Is it still eating you up?

But, and this comes from my more sinister side… Have you ever guilt tripped someone…? This links to a previous post of mine on manipulation. Hmmmm – got you thinking now haven’t I?






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