I’ve spotted my first grey hair

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ooooohhhhhhh crumbs 😖!!
Now, the first grey hair that I’ve found,
Is a big deal to me.
People have spotted them in my head before,
But I put that down to it being planted, machievellianly.
But now, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes,
Holy crap!!
I’m officially getting old now,
It’s time I slowed right down and took a nap.
But no, I’ve embraced it and took it in my stride,
I’m in the pub getting drunk… That a good way to tackle it… I think.
It’s no big deal is it? I’m 37 and looking… Ermmm… Ermmm… (You fill in your own blanks here.)
It’s only the one. If I pull it out quick, I can get it while you blink.
I think I have it… It’s in my hand,
I can see Sainsburys from the pub, maybe I should go find some just for men!!
Hide the bugger…
I may go a step further and become a blonde…
Or do what other men do and shave the lot off!
Men grow old with dignity and look better with age…
Look at Philip Schofield… Quite a favourite of the ladies… Looking much better than he did while on kiddies TV years ago…
I’ll embrace it and see what happens…
But the first one to call me old will get a slap!!
Farewell grey hair.. I now throw you to the wind…
With a goodbye, and a ‘I’ll see your friends soon’, and with a knowing grin


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