Thought of the day – Fear

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fear – An unpleasant emotion caused by threat or danger. It’s powerful and primitive.

Naturally, fear grips us. Jeez, fear is an industry worth a tonne of money.

Movies are made to scare us witless (some of us more than others), but we watch them anyway.

Why? Because we are a perverse species who like to feel an array of emotion. When we can control our fears, it’s OK.

People, like I have done, have jumped out of aeroplanes and done other extreme things like bungee jumping. These things aren’t natural and test our fear threshold. Some take to them like a duck to water and are natural adrenaline junkies. Some would find such extreme things as ridiculous and would not entertain them in a million years. People respond differently to fear and people have a natural fear of different things.

I find that interesting.

Very interesting.

There are other things, however, which scare us that can’t be deemed as entertainment or ‘fun’ fear. Things scare us naturally. But why?

Why do people have a fear of spiders or snakes or clowns or flying?

Are these fears irrational? They certainly cause anxiety that can lead to ill health.

Are irrational fears just phobias? I don’t mean the word ‘just’ as a meaningless term, phobias can be crippling to some people.

For instance, I have an irrational fear of scorpions. They’ve never done any harm to me, but based on the way they look, and their little scuttling way of moving, they give me the heebee-jeebies. And the likelihood is that I’ll never come across one in real life. One appears on TV and I get a shudder and goose bumps. Things like spiders though or other little critters don’t affect me at all, so God knows where my irrational fear of the evil scorpion came from!

But perversely, I would like to hold one, so I can get over my bizarre phobia.

Fear is actually one emotion that I enjoy at times. It makes you feel alive and thankful that really, I don’t have anything to fear at all.

My proper fears that aren’t irrational to me are felt deep within, and sharing them on my blog is something I’m not confident to do. These fears aren’t enjoyable.

Well, I’ll share just one then.

I have a fear of disappointment. I am scared of letting people down and being let down. I fear disappointment because I don’t like regret. I have often avoided certain circumstances purposely to avoid the prospect of disappointment.

I wouldn’t even regard myself as a people pleaser – more like someone who hates displeasing people. Saying no, at times, has been impossible, and I have messed up lots by saying yes and not no. I hate asking for help because I feel I am disappointing others if I do.

I don’t like giving people attention because of the fear of disappointing them if I do, with something I say or do.

I daydream a lot because it takes me out of the place I am in, and I feel if I take myself out of that place I’m really not there and am again avoiding disappointing people. Although, when I’ve reviewed that ‘state of play’, I’ve realised that I have caused more harm than good by doing so.

Why I don’t mind sharing this as a one off is because I am a human being, and I know other people reading this and elsewhere also have emotional and deep rooted fears – fears of intimacy, being alone, failure, death, the unknown, misery, rejection, ridicule etc.

I am not alone…

PS – I hope you’re not too disappointed in my admission of my fear.





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