The Master’s best friend…

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

It had been a somewhat bumpy and dark ride. I had been locked in my temporary prison for too long. I’d been placed carefully into his holdall a while ago, and I was itching to get out and do what I do best.

Be brutal.

Be cruel.

Be my master’s hero.


The bumpiness stopped.

I waited.

And I waited.

I could hear muffled noises from above and in the distance. I knew those muffled noises were those of my master. I’d heard them so many times before, and I glistened with joy, practically drooling inside my protective case. I wanted out. The anticipation was killing me.

The bumpiness began again but stopped within a heartbeat. My heart was beating and beating fast. It always did at these moments before my release and the ensuing moments when I was free.

I heard the beautiful sound of the bag’s zipper opening above me and, in a flash, his hot hand was around me. My carefully bound lower half was relishing being held in his gloved, expert-like grip..

We were friends.   

The very best of friends.

He always chose me for his craft. The craft he loved. The craft we both loved. He had the guile; I had the talent. The talent for implementing fear on whoever saw me.

I was growing impatient. I couldn’t see. My upper half was still concealed in my cloak, yet my excitement was growing. He knew my excitement. After all, we’d been in this situation more than twenty times now. We were a team.

The light hit me as I was unmasked. I gleamed with pure delight.

I was primed.

I could see, in front of me, the fear of our latest victim. Before long, I would be inside this young female. Females were my favourite. So soft and easy to enter. I’d been everywhere: In their hearts, their stomachs, their limbs, torsos and even a head or two. My desire to taste their blood was making me euphoric as I leaned forward in an attempt to get closer to my prize. Yet we remained in place. My master was cruel sometimes in making me wait. He is such a tease. But I know why. Yes, I enjoyed the penetration through the skin, but this part was also incredible and the part I knew my master enjoyed the most – looking into the eyes of someone who knew pretty soon I was going to be inside them.

I beamed up at my master with a longing. He beamed down at me and gave me a nod.

This was it. The time… The moment I was waiting for. We sidled closer and closer. We were upon her. He rested the tip of me under her chin, which she raised up to escape me. How rude! But this, of course, was a futile task. My sharp edge was brushed against her. This was it. It was nearly time for my starring role. I felt it. The taste I had longed for. A small nick on her throat, and I had the merest droplets of red delight on me. My thirst was about to be quenched.

My master leaned back, and I wondered where I was about to be plunged. I sped forward, and to my pure delight I hit the chest. I broke through the ribs with ease and relished the moment I punctured the girl’s heart. My euphoria was doubled, trebled and then quadrupled within a matter of ten seconds as I was removed and re inserted in three more areas in her torso. Each time I was removed I could feel myself bathed in her warm blood.

As I was withdrawn for the final time, I was breathless. My master paused and looked down at me. I could just make out his expression through the juices upon me. He leant forward again and wiped me once on the girl’s trouser leg and then turned me over and repeated the cleaning process. I could still feel traces of blood on me, but I knew he’d clean me properly later, in the privacy of our room.

He re-cloaked me and placed me back into the bag. I heard the zipper close and, thoroughly exhausted, I rested happily with the joy of my job-well-done pacifying me until the next time.
It’s a good life being my masters knife.






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