Posted: August 31, 2014 in Poetry


How many of you can honestly say,

You don’t look in the mirror, day after day.

And see some things about your bod,

That you wish you could change because it looks odd.

What is it exactly to be labelled as vain?

Is it a bad thing? Is it profane?

Is it a compliment to those who look good?

Is it a word that’s misunderstood?

Vanity is the attraction to many, well that’s the belief,

But real beauty comes from what’s underneath.

You can style your hair and bronze your face,

But knowing someone’s heart is in the right place

Is the true measure of real grace.

But these traits of people, others sometimes don’t see

They see the people obsessed with their vanity.

We all want to look good, and take excessive pride,

We may think we look good, but really others decide.

So if you are a bit vain, you fancy yourself a bit,

This poem makes me think of the Carly Simon hit.

Vanity, you know, we all like to try,

To be the candy in someone’s eye.

Looking good certainly helps to attract a mate,

But the truth will come out on the third or fourth date.

Because after a time, your mate will see,

It comes down to more than your vanity.

A true person’s beauty is held deep within,

And not what we look like or what we’re dressed in.



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