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Jeepers… Was I bored at the weekend or what?
My weekend in Egypt is Friday and Saturday… I didn’t go out, except to the supermarket. Twice..
Well.. It drove me a bit mental if I’m honest…
You see, I don’t even have English TV to fall back on although I do have a few movies and a PS3 to keep me entertained – thank gawd!
I ended up dancing round my apartment and even filmed the wonderment on my iPhone… Also, I had my very own karaoke jam too.. I even recorded that… Well, both provided me with something to watch.
Britain’s got talent – well it has now I’ve pissed off to Egypt!!
God, Egypt is boring sometimes.. Yet I roll on 😊


My first month in Egypt

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

My first month in Egypt

Well, I’ve been in Egypt now, exactly a month to the day,

There’s been lots of work to do and quite a bit of time to play.

The first few days were spent feeling ill and generally feeling like crap,

Being told to be careful what I eat and not to drink water from the tap.

I’ve made some good mates: Chris, Nina, Greg and Cory,

But they live quite a drive away from me, just like back at home, it the same old story.

They live in a place called Maadi, just like Gerard and Bhavini too,

But I live in Rehab where I’ve also met some friends such as Deirdre, Judith, Bruce and Stu.

I had issues with my apartment at first where it was just too noisy to sleep,

So I moved to a different place, not far away, where I can’t hear the car horns ‘Beep’!

It’s an OK place, you know, and it’s comfy and has a nice view,

The bad thing about Rehab is that there isn’t a lot to do.

Rehab, you see, because of the religion, is an alcohol free zone,

But you can order some booze off the internet or place an order on the phone.

It’s hot in Egypt all the time and just walking makes me drip,

Oh I wish there was a pool around to take the odd refreshing dip.

So Rehab is a quiet place, and very close to me live Morgan, Anna and Sally,

There’s Matt, Laura and Yvonne too, and there are more being added to the tally.

My working week, in school, is from Sunday and ends on Thursday at three,

Then the weekend begins, and I can meet my friends socially.

It’s important to spend time with people here as there’s potential to be sad and alone,

I’ve felt that a couple of times and have just wanted to return home.

But because of the support from others around, it’s a tolerable place to be,

Being out and about causes a bit of an issue as I don’t always pick up 3G.

I’ve suffered a few mozzy bites and am sporting a big black eye,

Suffered whilst playing footy and being kicked by some opposing guy.

I enjoyed a spot of karaoke on Thursday after work,

Singing Frank Sinatra songs, with a black eye, I probably looked like a right berk!

I’ve seen the pyramids at Giza, and been on a boat along the Nile,

Typical touristy things to do and both made me smile.

Well, when in Rome and all that jazz, you just gotta do these things,

Luxor is on my touristy hit-list and the ‘Valley of the Kings’.

The language barrier is a stumbling block, but I won’t be deterred,

Arabic is a whole new ball game, but I’m learning the odd word.

It’s a tough place to be in a culture that’s a little bizzare to me,

Will I see out my two-year-contract? That I can’t forsee…

I’ll knuckle down, work as hard as I can and see what happens next,

I’m still working out this country, and I’m feeling quite perplexed.

I’ve got to prove something to myself and give it a chance I feel,

And to those at home who miss me I get in front of you and kneel…

…And say, look I’m here; I’ll be home in no time at all, it’s hard that we’re apart,

Just let me get on for as long as it takes, I love you with all my heart.