A week back home…

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

A week back home…

Well, it was the Eid holiday in Egypt, so I took the opportunity at the half term break to fly back home and visit my family and friends back in England and also to relax a little.

It wasn’t the easiest week of my life since I knew I was coming home to some personal issues. I anticipated the stress, but I never quite envisaged one major problem, which I won’t go in to as it involves someone very very close to me, and you don’t need to know the ins and out anyway.

I write this on the aeroplane back to Cairo, and I honestly wish I wasn’t going back. There is so much for me in England, but I return in the hope of earning a little money before my eventual and permanent return to the country I love.

I returned to the UK last week at the turnaround in the weather, apparently. The Indian summer has been and gone, and to tell you the truth, I was chuffing freezing. My body has gotten used to the hot hot sun of Egypt, but it is autumn back home and there is no greater season.

The weather in Salford was cold(ish) – wind and rain – but it was warmer outside than in my parent’s house at times. I wish Dad would put the heating on! Bloody Jim Royle eat your heart out. ‘Cold my arse.’

Thanks Mum and Dad for the Sunday roast… That has been well and truly missed. Mum bought sprouts for me just for the occasion. Food of the gods. Gotta love the little green fellas.

Seeing my two best friends in Worsley was awesome… I can’t wait, for them and their two girls, for their extension to be completed. Their house is going to be huge. They’re a fantastic couple and the epitome of two people in love.

I also got to spend some time with some other friends, and it was great to catch up with the comings and goings of life in Manchester.

I had to purchase a new laptop… Not ideal as they are pricey, but my other one is ridiculously slow and as a result, darn frustrating. I need a laptop as a writer. Having a rubbish laptop has demotivated me to write in my blog and, more importantly, not to write much for my second novel. I need to find that buzz again for writing. The buzz I got from writing ‘Checkmate’. The sequel, ‘Cat and Mouse’ is going ok in the planning phase, but now I need to bang those chapters out.

One thing I forgot to do whilst home was to go into Waterstones (other book sellers are available) and buy the fourth novel by Lars Keplar. I reserved it months ago! It’s a book I must have in hardback to accompany the other three. I love the series. I wish I could write as well. If you haven’t heard of Lars Keplar, look them up (it’s a husband and wife team). Fantastic Swedish crime.

Seeing my son was fantastic towards the end of the week. We went to the driving range to hit a few balls and we had lunch. I do love him and miss him tremendously. At 13 years of age, you’re lucky to get more than a grunt out of him, but when you do, he can be very personable and charming.

I miss home. There’s no place like it apparently. It’s a shame I can’t just tap the heels of my ruby red slippers to make the instantaneous return there.

It’s a tough decision to make in some aspects. The potential to get lots of cash on the hip by working abroad, or returning to the delights of home. Nah… No contest really. I know what I want in life and I’m gunning for it. I hope I can get to that magical place with EVERYTHING in place. Prove my worth to myself and to anybody else sitting up and taking notice. I’ve got a target to aim for and I’m going to hit the mark.

Back to work on Sunday. That leaves me with one day in Egypt to get some shopping done and to get ready for work. It’ll be nice to see my friends and colleagues from school: Chris, Greg, Cory, Nina and to see my neighbours where I live in Rehab: Sally, Deirdre, Judith, Morgan and Anna and co. I hope they’ve all had a good break for Eid. And more so, I hope they’re ready for the 10 week stint till Christmas.

I know I’m not!

I’ll get through the next three weeks, see out October and move forwards from there… That’ll do for starters.


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