Naughty or Nice…. What’s your preference?

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Thought of the day...

Well… What is your preference?

I think I like to be nice more than naughty… Some reading this may disagree and claim that I’m a complete ass! Well, I guess I can be at times; like when I’ve woken up on the proverbial wrong side, or when I am not in control of situations and they go a little or a lot awry, but being nice is something I like to do.

Nice and naughty can mean a plethora of things, but I essentially mean good or bad.

I think it comes from my desire to hold the hero status and (as per a previous blog) my fear of disappointing people.

I hate when people think badly of me… It gives me a sickly feeling, but sometimes I’ve deserved to be labelled as bad or nasty or naughty. It cant be helped sometimes. There are times when you are going to upset people – that’s life!

As a total pluck from the air guess, which has no provable accuracy whatsoever, I reckon I’m sporting good percentages of 80%-20% of being nice against naughty. I think that’s not a bad proportion. Essentially, that means to me that in every 10 situations where a decision to be nice to someone or not, 8 times I do the right thing. That means 2 out of 10 times I am not nice. Is that really a lot? Nah, I think that makes me a good guy really.

If anyone who knows me reads this – I wonder if anyone would agree with that or would they email me and say I was a nasty barsteward to them more than 20 % of the time… Jeepers, I hope not.

On the other hand, would there be people out there who would say ‘80% – more than that Ste.’ Hmmmmmmm – a possibility?

You know what drives me nuts? The bad boys who are like chocolate magnets to girls. I’ve never understood why women are attracted to these types of fellas… but c’est la vie. God luck to one and all on that front. It takes all sorts I guess.

Nice or naughty… Nice or naughty. Could you give yourself an accurate guess, probability wise, about how far down the spectrum you fall.  Does that halo shine right now, or do those horns begin their protrusion.

Be nice to the people who love you.

Be naughty to those who disrespect because they aren’t worth your niceties.


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