Pancakes at the ‘wrong’ time of year

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

pumpkin-crepes-with-beer-and-cinnamon-apples-and-a-chocolate-drizzleWho the hell would possibly want pancakes in October?

Well… me as it happens… and i’ll tell you something for nothing, I’m not even a huge fan.

They sell these thick, rubbery and bleugh, pre-packaged all American style pancakes in the shops. They are rank! What I mean is the thin, golden brown, home cooked styleeeeee crepe type pancakes.

Flour, eggs and milk…, yet without the perfect kind of pan or a wrongly heated pan, it can go pear shaped (or ball shaped or even more specifically ‘slop shaped’) based on prior experience.

My son has asked for pancakes on that proper day for eating pancakes, usually in February or March – Shrove Tuesday, and I’ve failed once or twice. Now, as an OK home chef, failure to make a pancake is a hard pill to swallow. I’ve made the mistake of buying pre mixed batter packs from shops… Not bad, but I’d rather make it from scratch. I’ve used the wrong pan in the past and I’ve had it too hot or not hot enough. I have made a good pancake before – thin, golden brown and utterly deeeelish…

Sweet or savoury is the next question. I love the ones at the Manchester markets at Christmas time… Loaded with either banana and chocolate spread OR the savoury option (which is certainly my preference) – filled with cheese and onion or ham or something equally scrummy.

Anyway, the simple breakfast option is lemon and sugar.

But my initial question was: Who the hell wants them in October? Hands up if you’re that weirdo!!

I tentatively raise my hand aloft…

PS. I found an interesting crepe recipe, which will go down well towards the end of this month:

Pumpkin Crepes with Beer and Cinnamon Apples and a Chocolate Drizzle… Lushhhhhhhhhh (pictured in blog)


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