Life… Oh life… Oh liiiiiiife… Oh life !!

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Uncategorized



Do you find yourself getting stressed out on a frequent basis?

Do you find you are the causes of stress on others?

Well… Don’t come to me to wave he magic wand. My life epitomises both of the above… apparently.

I get stressed quite quickly and easily. My tell tale sign is an horrendous pressing on my skull above both eyebrows and somewhere around my occipital lobe. It’s active right now.

I let my emotions run too high, and I get upset easily by things or people who mean so much to me. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t get stressed. Stressful situations need to be addressed and in this instance, it’s someone, not something that has caused my headaches. Well, maybe a situation too. I’m currently not in control of a situation that could make my life better, and it bugs me to the core. I want answers that I’m just not getting and because I want these answers, and I’m pushing for them, others are becoming stressed because of me. It’s a vicious circle, and I really am trying not to let the situation get to me, but when something bugs you to the core, its impossible to switch it off.

I hate causing stress on others – it factors in with my fear and loathing of disappointing others. Since I have caused stress, I assume they think less of me for it, and that increases my stress levels.

I just want to be happy. Make me happy. Please.

Take away my potential for stress.

Do you know how? You can always ask – I’ll remind you.

My stress goes away – your stress goes away. You scratch my back and I’ll rub the hell out of yours.


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