Things I dont care for….

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Things I just don’t care for (AKA – things that get me vexed, sad or fill me with contempt).

I suppose, being a man of 37, there have been a whole lot of matters which have royally peeved me off over the years, and I guess I have been the catalyst to many others’ state of vexation, sadness and contempt too. Can one simple sorry, right now, clear my conscience?

I’m sorry….

The first thing that springs to mind is the delight that is Viber. Now, as I’m abroad at the moment, Viber actually IS a godsend. I get to speak to my nearest and dearest at home without incurring wild and extortionate charges. However, trying to speak to my dearest on the phone when they’re on 3 or 4G on the move is frustrating as hell. It dips in and out of connectivity all the time and turns normal people into robots, aliens or underwater conversationalists. But chatting on the move seems to be the only option, so I have to put up with it.

Secondly, and on a similar route here, is when my son doesn’t answer his FaceTime invitations to talk. That really is our only conversation tool at the moment, so aarrrgggghhhh.

Next on my list is wearing my heart on my sleeve. I don’t like it! It makes me seem like a wussy pillock or an obnoxious aggressor. If I begin that long trip down the yellow brick road, I may be able to persuade some chap dressed in green to make me a new one, so I can start again. I’d make him build me one that was a little less easy to break every time I thought about a certain scenario.

Tardiness! People who are late, know they are a tardy person by nature and who clearly couldn’t give a flying monkey’s. How do you people live with yourself? Hehe. I can laugh about that because I am always early for things and that too annoys people. Ipso facto I guess. As a footnote to this point, I am annoyed that on a recent reference from a previous employer, I scored 5 out of 10 for punctuality. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I read that nonsense since I have always been in work 2 hours prior to my starting time, so I can’t really do the maths on that one. Must’ve been a typo…! Hmmmm.


I annoy myself royally… by overthinking things really. I wish I didn’t because it drives me bananas. This links in to my heart one because the things I over analyse are linked to raw emotion or the perils of the seven deadly sins.

Next, people who cannot express themselves. Well, maybe they can, but clearly not to me.

Things out of my control. This is a biggie for me. I am currently trapped in a conundrum that I cannot escape. It’s a sensitive matter, and I have to play the waiting game. I feel my life at the moment is out of my control. I have to do things by the book for the immediate future and build this notion of a real life utopia. A paradise – an ideal world, yet whilst building this world, I’ll be without the one thing I want in the world. And even when utopia is complete, I still might be without the one thing I want in the world. Now, if all that is confusing and cryptic to you, you’re lucky because it’s a heart mangler and body crippler for me.

Pizza – lol. My gas has gone in my apartment, so I ordered a pizza last night and they had a special on, so I got a pizza free. Clearly, I can’t eat two full pizzas in one sitting, so now I have a full pizza sitting in the fridge and after devouring three slices, just now, I feel sad, angry and like a fatty. And there’s still loads left! I can’t waste it, so I’ll be on pizza tomorrow too. What makes it doubly worse is that I have broken ribs at the moment, so I can’t even exercise to burn of the crap I’m digesting!

Finally, loneliness. This is very sad. Living in Egypt, in probably the least action packed area in the entire world of boring places to live, things get a little lonely. I actually find writing this really ironic because anyone who knows me will know I love time to myself. However, time alone is usually a choice I make, not one that is thrust upon me. It’s a good job I have 7 series of The Big Bang Theory and copious movies to fill the void otherwise I’d be testing the powers of human flight off a tall building! However, this weekend I will enjoy the company of great friends who will be visiting me. Whoop whoop.

That’ll do for now. I’m annoying myself. Hehehehehe.

  1. B Cresswell says:

    Come home and find a job here where you are loved xx

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