Writing 101 – Day seven – Give and take.

Posted: December 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve reblogged this from June because I like it 🙂


ImageA foreword before you read this blog entry – A really bizarre request from ‘writing 101’ today. We were asked to contrast two ‘things.’ I chose Questions and Answers… (Don’t ask me why). There was a twist. To write the post in the form of dialogue. So… Here it goes. Tonight we have a big dispute on our hands, ladies and gentlemen. You join us here on the blog of Stephen Cresswell, where Question will take on Answer in a battle of wits and power. Two contrasting foes. Who will win? Seconds out – Fight. “I’m a question, and I have a fantastic punctuation mark after me.” “Well, whoopee for you. I’m an answer, and I’m not limited to one!” Both competitors with an excellent opening argument there. “Everyone can ask a question. Not everyone can give an answer.” Question circled his rival with an evil look in his eye…

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