Seven Deadly Sins

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Another one to re blog – just because I can


The seven deadly sins

When we talk about them, what do they bring to mind?

Dark deeds? Dark characters? Yes. – Sinister motives.

They lead us on a merry (or not so merry – totally wrong word)

Dance… a trot… a walk… a sinister walk to crazy town.

They do drive us crazy and there is no return.








Ask yourself, which of these have been felt by you?

If I’m honest, five, which leaves me two…

Two… Only two… Does that make me bad?

Or looking again it might be one…. One deadly sin I’ve never had.

Or does that make me human, full of emotion and feelings, cravings and urges,

Those unbelievable notions and sudden surges.

That put these capital vices in our heads,

And make us toss and turn at night in our beds.

Wrath, yeah, I’ve been angry and…

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