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From the heart

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Writing challenge to write something from the heart. Here’s my effort. I took it quite literally.

I listen to the whispers in my heart,
And it asks me to thank you for giving a jump start –
To an organ which has been so very underused,
And wondering what it’s job was, it has long been confused.
It says thank you for giving it a reason to beat,
It tells me you are beautiful and funny and sweet.
I tell it I know and we’re in this together,
And if we don’t mess things up, we’ll be yours forever.
My heart is complex and it’s big and it’s wary,
It’s long hid away because things have been scary.
But now it’s beats strong, it’s shouting out loud,
It’s raising it’s voice because it is proud.
It wants the world to know that it has a new owner,
He has a new friend, he’s no longer a loner.
It lives within me, it’s a definite Cresswell,
It beats away strongly and is as loud as a bell.
I’m sure it can be heard by people around,
I’m conscious it’s making a melodic sound.
As if showing off it’s honour to be paired with you,
A feeling that has been long overdue.
It pirouettes inside me, and I feel it dance,
It wants to beat for you only and show you romance.
Look after my heart, it’s my own little treasure,
And we’ll love you forever, and that is our pleasure.
My heart is the biggest gift I can possibly give,
And it’s yours to keep as long as I live.
I won’t ask for it back, you do understand?
It’s sits happily in the palm of your hand.