About me

The past ten years of my life have been devoted to teaching. However, in recent times I have had an urge to undertake a serious writing project.

I have been an avid reader of crime and thriller fiction for the past few years. Initially, I became engrossed with the books of Henning Mankell. The famous character ‘Wallander’ taking centre stage and solving crimes in his own way.

My kindle then took centre stage, and I found a whole manner of great authors in the crime thriller/psychological thriller genre: Chris Carter, Rachel Abbott, T.R.Ragan, Jilliane Hoffman, Stieg Larsson, Jeff Menapace – to name but a few, and my particular favourite – Lars Kepler

Then I thought I’d give it a go and spent several months finding a idea and developing a plot.

My first novel – ‘Checkmate’ was born, and I look forward to friends, family and people around the world reading it.


  1. Clare Molyneux says:

    Well done Cressy! You should be very proud x

  2. Karuna says:

    Congratulations on writing your first novel!

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