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Posted: August 31, 2014 in Poetry


How many of you can honestly say,

You don’t look in the mirror, day after day.

And see some things about your bod,

That you wish you could change because it looks odd.

What is it exactly to be labelled as vain?

Is it a bad thing? Is it profane?

Is it a compliment to those who look good?

Is it a word that’s misunderstood?

Vanity is the attraction to many, well that’s the belief,

But real beauty comes from what’s underneath.

You can style your hair and bronze your face,

But knowing someone’s heart is in the right place

Is the true measure of real grace.

But these traits of people, others sometimes don’t see

They see the people obsessed with their vanity.

We all want to look good, and take excessive pride,

We may think we look good, but really others decide.

So if you are a bit vain, you fancy yourself a bit,

This poem makes me think of the Carly Simon hit.

Vanity, you know, we all like to try,

To be the candy in someone’s eye.

Looking good certainly helps to attract a mate,

But the truth will come out on the third or fourth date.

Because after a time, your mate will see,

It comes down to more than your vanity.

A true person’s beauty is held deep within,

And not what we look like or what we’re dressed in.



With you…

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Poetry

With you

I want to be with you when I wake each day,

I want to be with you at the close of play.

I yearn to be with you after the daily grind,

I yearn to be with you because you’re always on my mind.

I need to be with you because you’re my world – and you rock it,

I need to be with you and I’m ready to commit.

I’d like to be with you because we’d have so much fun,

On a cloudy day, you are my sun.

I crave to be with you because you’re my heart and my soul,

I crave to be with you because you make me feel…whole.

I’m dying to be with you as I miss you when I’m not,

I’m dying to be with you because you just ‘hit the spot’.

I long to be with you – you’re my baby girl,

I long to be with you, just give it a whirl.

My desire to be with you day after day,

Forms my complete and entire dossier.

To be with you would make my dreams come true,

To be with you is because… well… you are YOU.

My hunger to be with you will never deplete,

I won’t disappoint, I’ll never mistreat.

When I say I want to be with you, I don’t take it lightly,

I want to be with you, wrongly or rightly.

I hope to be with you because we’re a great team,

You are the coffee and I am the cream.

I must be with you, through the hard time and the easy,

I must be with you although this is cheesy.

Each day I’m NOT with you, hurts deep inside,

And it’s a feeling that I cannot abide.

I will be with you, you’re my destiny,

I will be with you, and you’ll be with ME.


I had fun with this love poem. Its cheesy and personifies the cringe factor.

My beautiful baby girl, my angel, my princess,
Its time I brought you in the loop, it’s time for me to confess.
You see, I adore you, it may be shocking to hear,
Despite the fact that of course you know that you’re my personal puppeteer.
I cannot get enough of you, I miss you when we’re apart,
The love I hold dear for you is overflowing in my heart.
I don’t think I can live happily without you in my life,
No, more than that my baby girl, I want you to be my wife.
To have and to hold each and every day,
Each night I go to bed and say goodnight and then I pray.
That you will see me as the man to take care of you for ever,
I worship the ground you walk on this very minute and indeed forever.
These feelings I have for you will never disappear,
I want to be driving home to you and to always have you near.
To share your bed and wake up with you would bring me such joy,
I am your Paris and you’re my Helen of Troy.
I’ve never been so sure about anything in all of my years,
I can offer you all of me, and allay all your fears.
Look, baby, this is lame and I know that I’m a geek,
Love is all around the world, but for me this is unique.
I can’t think of anything or anyone else day after day,
You’re on my mind continuously whether at work, at rest or at play.
I commit to you my mind, my body my complete love and my soul,
Being with you at the end of every day is my ultimate goal.
Just to hold your hand on the sofa whilst chilling watching the TV,
I want you my baby, please listen to my plea.
I will make you happy and vow to never let you down,
I will be your lover, your prince and also your clown.
These feelings I have are incredibly intense,
Although I see it differently… they’re incredibly immense,
And to me, us… together… makes complete and perfect sense.
Be mine my darling, live our lives as one and raise a family with me,
Because we are fantastic together my angel, and I know that you agree.

A sun shiny fun shiny day

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Poetry

A quick poem whilst out on the booze…

Sitting in the sun having a beer,
Watching people smile and full of cheer.
You’ve gotta get out when the weather’s like this,
What a place a beer garden can be… Such bliss.
People around having a laugh and a joke,
I’ll have to move in a mo, I’m in the area designated for those who smoke.
Bleugh… Cough cough
The lure of the pub grub… Mmmm it smells divine,
But no, I’ll stick to my cider and maybe later, a wine.
A liquid tea I’m sticking to,
So to get p***** it’ll take only a few!
I’d better blog now and make it quick,
Coz if all goes to plan I’ll be seeing double soon and feeling a bit sick.
Back to the beer, putting the phone away,
I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this sunshiny, fun shiny day.

This blog challenge is in response to Day four’s challenge – Things we have lost.

I wrote a poem for that, so I will continue with the rhyming couplet theme.

What have I found?

Day four’s writing challenge was to write about losses in my life,

Today – day thirteen – it’s what we’ve found, and it’s causing me some strife.

See, I’m a glass half empty guy at times, and I focus on the lows,

But things I find should be good I guess, so I’ll look at all the pros.

Things I’ve found. Hmmmmm, let me see, well, some ten and twenty pound notes,

On the floor whilst walking the dog, not rifling through people’s coats!

I found a purse in a shopping trolley, so I gave it to the cops,

I found a ring in a changing room in one of those big department shops.

So I kept the money, gave in the purse and gave the ring in too,

But I think it’s the mental and emotional ‘finds’ that are going to entertain you!

On my 37 years on this earth, I’ve found out things about myself,

One, that I am vulnerable and have struggled with my mental health.

I found myself in trouble once or twice or more,

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you get up off the floor.

You pull yourself together and make yourself pull through,

And you find a decent way of life and a more positive view.

Some things I’ve found out about myself aren’t very nice,

I struggle to ask for help or seek out good advice.

I’ve found out I am too proud to admit when I am wrong,

And I don’t throw myself at life, I simply tag along.

I’ve found some cracking friends on my journey through the years,

Those who invite you in to their lives and take you out for a few beers.

I’ve found that my parents, my sister and my family are there no matter what,

Mistakes you make, achievements you earn, they accept the lot.

I’ve found out that I love to teach, although my paperwork is crap,

I’ve found that my wrath can get out of control and regretfully I snap!

I’ve found a love for writing, I’ve really found by niche,

I’ve got my blog, I’ve written my novel; I hope it makes me rich.

I’ve found that I can love and be loved and also that love is hard,

And that, at times, to protect myself, I should really raise my guard.

I’ve found out the heart is such a susceptible thing,

And whoever holds it in their palm can make you laugh, cry and sing.

Frustratingly, I’ve not found what to do with my remaining years,

What job will make me happy? Someone, please, speak up. Give me some ideas.

I’d love to write for a living, but I’ve got to be realistic,

I’ve found that life is hard. Why can’t it be simplistic?

So, there’s an idea about what I’ve found, some simple and some quite deep,

I’ll probably think of more later on. They’ll probably wake me from my sleep.

Seven Deadly Sins

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Poetry

The seven deadly sins

When we talk about them, what do they bring to mind?

Dark deeds? Dark characters? Yes. – Sinister motives.

They lead us on a merry (or not so merry – totally wrong word)

Dance… a trot… a walk… a sinister walk to crazy town.

They do drive us crazy and there is no return.








Ask yourself, which of these have been felt by you?

If I’m honest, five, which leaves me two…

Two… Only two… Does that make me bad?

Or looking again it might be one…. One deadly sin I’ve never had.

Or does that make me human, full of emotion and feelings, cravings and urges,

Those unbelievable notions and sudden surges.

That put these capital vices in our heads,

And make us toss and turn at night in our beds.

Wrath, yeah, I’ve been angry and out of control,

But I’ve brought myself back and been able to console

Myself and others who my anger’s affected,

And all’s been good just as expected.

The majority of us are surely like that,

Getting angry about this and mad about that.

But going no further than a scream and a shout,

Then seeing sense and turning about!

It’s not too bad to have the occasional blow out,

Clear the cobwebs and then bow out.

Avarice, I’ve done that, I’ve been right there,

The yearning for financial gain – come on, be fair.

Haven’t we all had the desire for material wealth or gain?

Money is inherently evil, it affects our brain.

And our thinking becomes dulled, and we do silly things,

Coz we want the finer things in life and yearn to live like kings.

Pride is up next and I’m guilty again,

I do confess to being a bit vain.

Pride is the original deadly sin,

The cause of the rest, it pulls them in.

It doesn’t see so bad to me,

To have a bit of vanity.

But it’s the sin of believing you’re the best of the best,

But I know I’m not, so it’s a sin I’ve supressed.

Sloth is failing to do what you should do,

Physical laziness to me and to you.

Evil exists when men fail to act,

I’m not so sure about that biblical fact.

So I’ve got to say yes, I’ve been guilty of sloth, so what?

I won’t lose any sleep over that, I don’t care a jot.

Lust – Hmmmm, I can’t and don’t want to say too much here,

But every one of you has been controlled by the lust driven puppeteer.

You all know exactly and precisely what I mean,

Wipe that thought from your mind and keep your thoughts clean.

Envy – This for me is the worst one that drives me down Crazy Street,

Similar to being jealous of people that you meet.

You wanting their possessions, their looks or their traits,

To name but a few and of course can drive someone to hate.

Yes, for me it’s an ugly thing, but often I can’t help it,

But just like wrath you deal with it before doing something unfit.

The final sin on my list, is that to be a glutton,

I think I’m free of guilt here, it’s never pushed my button.

The desire to consume more than that which one requires,

I can physically only eat so much before my gut retires.

But research into the sin, suggests I might be guilty after all,

It’s not just eating too much, it’s thrown me a curve ball.

Another way to commit this sin is to eat expensive food,

So yeah, I’ve broke all the sins… Quite honestly I’m screwed!

So really, and this may surprise you all, I’m not whiter than white.

But really… Seven deadly sins… I couldn’t give a shite.


Fathers Day

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Poetry


Happy Father’s day.


To all the proud Dads out there,

Putting up with the huffs, the grumbles and the ‘I don’t cares.’

Well, that’s the case with my twelve year old,

Who, of course, knows best and won’t be told.

Our children set us challenges galore,

But despite everything they’re the ones we adore.

From when they’re born and they cry and cry,

They become the apples of our eye.

Whether you have sons or daughters or even both,

Our love for them becomes our unwritten oath.

We don’t need a written pledge to love them forever,

But their happiness becomes our life long endeavour.

They do things wrong and they have to be told,

And being harsh is hard to uphold.

Because they look at us with eyes so cross or sad,

But we are their moralistic launch pad.

We have to show them right from wrong,

Our responsibility to them is lifelong.

But the rough times are outweighed by the smooth and the fun,

For my lad just being there and being my son

Is the greatest gift I have ever had,

It is so wonderful being his Dad.

He listens to my pearls of wisdom and how to be sarcastic,

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s fantastic.

Our kids will pick up our personality traits,

Sorry, my son, I know I’ve made mistakes.

But I hope you’ve picked up some good things too,

There’s no one I love more than you.


For my son, Benjamin. xx