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The World Cup

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Poetry



The World Cup

Tonight is the night. It’s the start of it all.

‘Twenty two grown men chasing a ball.’

That’s a quote once used by a friend of mine,

But it’s more than that when they cross that line.

The beautiful game played for a trophy of gold,

I preferred the Jules Rimet if truth be told.

Coz England won it in sixty-six,

Helped by Hurt’s left foot and Styles’ tricks.

That was such a long time ago,

We hope to win again, but I don’t think so.

Tonight it’s Croatia and hosts Brazil,

Christ the Redeemer watching from on top of his hill.

A month to decide the world’s greatest team,

Can England do it? Dare we dream?

The world’s greatest players showing their class,

Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi, all gracing the grass.

Who will win the golden boot?

Lots of top strikers ready to shoot.

The big hope for us all is to get out of our group,

But will that really make us cock-a-hoop?

I don’t know, I think we need more,

We have a squad to score goals galore.

It’s keeping goals out, that’s what worries me most,

We haven’t got a defence on which we can boast.

Let’s play the youngsters. Let them create fear,

Sterling, Barkley and Oxlade-Chamberlain will surely make us cheer.

They could relieve the ‘watching England’ stress,

They could be our recipe for success.

Come on England, make us all proud,

Whatever happens, we’ll be cheering you loud.




My poem for Matthew H – Broccoli…!!!!



The son of a friend of mine set me a challenge to write,

A poem about broccoli, so I thought about it last night.

He wanted me to attack the stuff and about the yukky taste,

But I don’t mind broccoli. It’s good for an expanding waist.

Alright though, as a tasty snack, it wouldn’t rank in first place.

But it doesn’t taste like much. It isn’t…well…bleugh,

It’s just not fashionable, that I do concur.

Ok, granted, it looks like a tiny tree,

And being green, it looks like it’s been hit by radioactivity.

Gotta be cooked right, not too mushy or hard,

Tasty on a barbeque, eat just as it gets charred.

High in carbs, high in protein, very low in fat,

I had to google that bit. I’m not the guru on broccoli facts.

High in iron, calcium and vitamins K, E, C and A,

And don’t forget young Matthew, it’s one of your 5-a-day.

So cherish the mighty broccoli, embrace it in your diet,

I know you love broccoli really Matt, but I’ll keep your secret quiet.

I am the….

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Poetry

I am the…

I am the sunshine in the rain,

Drying you time and time again.

I am the glue for when you are broke,

Fixing you up with a hug and a joke.

I am the plaster when you are bleeding,

Healing you regardless and never conceding.

I am the smile for when you frown,

Acting the fool and being your clown.

I am the one you can get mad at when you’ve had a bad day,

Take your anger out on me, to make it go away.

I am the candle in the gloom,

Making you fearless in a darkened room.

I am the cover when it is cold,

Warming you now until we are old.

I am the cushion on your chair,

Bringing you comfort anytime, anywhere.

I am the money in your purse,

Finding me makes you better, never worse.

I am the lyrics to your favourite song,

Inspiring you and keeping you strong

I am the house keeping you dry,

Protecting you till the day I die.

I am the one who is crazy about you,

Proud of everything that you say and do.

I am the food, you are the drink,

You are the well, and I am the ink.

I am your dream which has now come true,

Adoring the one and only you.

You and I belong together,

Two separates as one, today and forever.

By Stephen Cresswell



Panting loud

Chewing a ball

Chasing the rabbit

Trying to eat a fly

Bringing me the ball to throw

Then seeking refuge in the shade

Coming to me for a tummy rub

Eating the grass. Is he really a cow?

Going inside for some cold water

Are all Labradors this mental?

Suddenly takes off running

It’s too hot for that, pooch

Barking at nothing

Eating more grass






Posted: June 6, 2014 in Poetry, Writing 101

My losses

Day four’s writing challenge on blog ‘writing 101’,

We have to write about a loss – something which has gone.

A very tricky task, I didn’t know where to begin,

I’ve lost plenty in the past, thrown stuff I shouldn’t have in the bloomin’ bin!

Or do they want something that goes real deep?

Like something that’s made me yell or made me weep.

Hmmmmmmm, I lost my wife’s car key once down the drain,

I’ve also lost a ticket for a train.

That made me cross because I had to pay…..again!

What else have I lost in my life?

Years ago I lost the first girl I thought could be my wife.

I’ve lost three grandparents, and of course that is sad,

I’ve lost my marbles once or twice and that drove me mad.


When I’ve been wound up, I’ve lost my sense of humour,

And I’ve lost my cool when people have spread a rumour.

Back to material things… well, keys have vanished into fresh air,

I have a place for keys in the house, but the wife doesn’t care.

Her keys like to play hide and go seek,

No kiddin’, we play at least 6 times a week!


There are things that if I lost them would make me moan,

One of them would be my mobile phone.

It would send me immediately into a big panic,

I’d run around like a headless chicken fretting, and I’d be manic.

Funny, but my friend Vicky – this morning – lost her phone behind the radiator,

But I’m sure hubby Brian will recover it later.

LOL (sorry Vic ;-))

If I lost my family and my friends,

That would be where the world would end.

I’d be gutted if I lost my pretty good health,

That’s more important to me than vast wealth.


I recently lost my job because I quit,

And I guess I regret that a little bit.

I’ll miss the kids I worked with; that is legit!


So, this is my poem about my losses, future, present and past,

Loss is part of life. Some are small, some are vast.






Love – A big question mark ???

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Poetry


Such a peculiar yet such a powerful thing

How does it happen? Is it a purely chemical reaction that takes place?

I really don’t understand

Why one person and not another?

It blows your socks off… Its hits you hard…

Is love blind? Or is it just genius?

A four letter word. But so is hate?

Hate comes and goes but love sticks like glue.

It bonds… It grabs… It burrows… It’s fantastic!!


It’s unrequited.

Then… It infests… It hurts… It drives you insane… It makes you do silly things… It blows!!

Love. The big question mark???

Why do people want to hide their love? Why can’t we just be honest?

Why do people ridicule love? Is there a time limit?

I mean, can you fall in love in a day?

Can you fall out of love after 30 years with the same person?

Can you love more than one person at a time?

Why do fools fall in love? Are you a fool for falling in love? I don’t think I am. But maybe…..

Love. The big question mark???

Being told you are loved by someone is never tiresome.

To have your heart broken is…


I LOVE YOU – 3 words. Easy for some, hard for others… Say it or don’t… But no regrets.


Stephen Cresswell

Simple poem

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Poetry

Local poet David Horner came to our writers group on Thursday.

He gave us a challenge to write anything in 10-15 minutes or so, but it had to have an air of the impossible about it.

I chose a poem with simple rhyming couplets.

Title – ‘You What?’

At the dining table one day,

A family full of laughter and full of play.

They didn’t notice some crazy things, 

like in the garden, there were forty kings.

The family were laughing and didn’t see,

Their Chicken Kievs dancing with glee.

A creeping willow herb playing the sax,

and the garden gnome riding their pet dog, Max.

A pig flying high with glasses like Biggles,

and a blade of grass in a fit full of giggles.

The cup and the saucer fighting the spoon,

and the knife and the fork humming a tune.

The fish in the tank smoking a cigar,

and the three piece suite climbing in Dad’s car.

The cushions on the sofa eating some grapes,

And the clock and the toaster acting like apes.

The phone and the TV playing some chess,

and the curtains eating biscuits and leaving a mess.

The light switch in the corner having a sneeze,

and the big fridge freezer washing its knees.

It’s good for families to have a good laugh,

It makes everything else in the world act daft.